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Report: Letters of 'donation' to Najib not signed by prince

Although the letters were signed by Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud, the report said that these were actually prepared and signed by a man named Mohammad Abdullah Al Koman. Mohammad Abdullah claimed he was a representative of Prince Saud Abdul Azizi Majid Al

Declaration of Shafee receiving funds beneficial to Anwar's suit

Declaration of Shafee receiving funds beneficial to Anwar's suit

Senior Federal Counsel Zureen Elina Mohd Dom made the disclosure when asked by Justice Umi Kalthum Abdul Majid, who found the filing of the affidavit “peculiar”. The situation was considered bizarre as the AG was supposed to be Anwar's opponent in the

Oud legend Abadi Al-Johar wows Kuwait

JEDDAH: Renowned Saudi musician, singer and composer Abadi Al-Johar played to a packed house on Thursday at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, known as the Kuwait Opera House, under the title “A Night with the Star.” Al-Johar performed oud pieces along with his greatest hit songs, according to Sayidaty magazine.
The concert sold out soon after it was announced two months ago.
This was Al-Johar’s first performance at the Kuwait Opera House, following several Saudi singers who performed on this big stage, including Rashed Al-Majed in February, and Abdul Majeed Abdullah on March 30.
Known as “Ikhtabout el Oud,” which means “Octopus of Oud” for being the most accomplished oud player in the Gulf, Al-Johar is known for his own compositions and hits such as “Awazel”

Источник: Arab News

Explained: why Kashmir's Ahle Hadees are divided over former chief's killing

An open rebellion within an influential religious group in Jammu and Kashmir escalated on Tuesday as the son of the Muslim organisation’s former head accused the incumbent chief of killing his father in an market bombing in 2001.

Shuaib Showkat Shah, the son of former Jamait e Ahle Hadees Showkat Ahmad Shah, who died after an Improvised Explosive Device exploded outside a Mosque in the Maisum locality of summer capital Srinagar, led a protest outside the organisation’s headquarters in Barbarshah locality against the inclusion of Abdul Majid Dar Almadni in the group.

Scores of Ahle Hadees members patiently listened to Shuaib as he blamed Al-Madani for the murder of his father.  “This protest is against the killers of my father and the conspirators of his murder,” he said as his supporters shouted slogans against Al-Madani.

Источник: Kashmir Dispatch

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