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ДЛЯ СТР!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

окей, хоть ты и сволочь, но на стр отвечу.
часть 1.
1. реперы - слишком много на улицах. складывается ощущение что любой парень не может прожить без кепки и широких штанов. ну за редкими исключениями)
растаманы - они ходят в цветном, с дредами и слушают боба марли :D
2. реперы - потому что это круто.
а растаманов я давно не видела, если честно.
а вообще любая субкультура - повод выделиться.
3. растаманы - регги.
реперы - реп, что вполне...

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Article 39: Oromo Nationalism, Abyssinian Exceptionalism and Expectations Raised by Dr. Abiy Ahmed's Premiership ...

Article 39: Oromo Nationalism, Abyssinian Exceptionalism and Expectations Raised by Dr. Abiy Ahmed's Premiership ...

As I have noted in the previous section of this article published on this website on July 12, the Abyssinian myth of exceptionalism was used to conquer and colonize the non-Abyssinian peoples during the European scramble for Africa. However, in the

Giveaway: Abyssinians

Giveaway: Abyssinians

It's hard to write about reggae vocal trio the Abyssinians without mentioning “Satta Massagana.” A runaway hit song that was originally rejected by legendary Jamaican producer Clement “Coxsone” Dodd in 1969 for being too subversive, the tune, which

Ethiopia: Adwa: when Oromos fought Italy as Abyssinians |

Decades before this battle happened in 1896, Ethiopia was a loose union of various competing parts and regional kingdoms that virtually took turns to rule the whole, from a revolving center. For example, when Emperor Menelik II rose to power, he had to win over northern friends and foes alike; and create alliance with his Shewan Oromo kins, in order to become King of Shewa and later King of Ethiopia. It is hard to imagine that Ethiopia would win the Adwa war if all these competing kingdoms did not collaborate and provide the necessary manpower. This is why, if we were to believe the false basis of the current poisonous ethnic-politics today, Ethiopia would have actually “? How can we defeat an European superpower without sharing a sense of common identity and destiny? How did our people who are supposed to hate each other today, managed to unite with one purpose as one people over a century ago, if there was nothing already tying them together pre-war?  Something does not add up.


Rare pedigree cat named Xander is feared stolen just weeks after his owners were forced to knock down his luxury 6ft ...

'Our neighbours either side of us and below us had no problem with it.

'We pleaded with [the council] to come and look at it but they refused and just threatened us with a fine.'

Islington Council, however, insists it wrote to Ms Patel asking to visit in both November and March but received no reply. 

An council spokesman said: 'A complaint about this cat enclosure was made to the council last October.

'Its size, design and location on the first floor meant it required planning permission, which the owner had not applied for.

'Current guidelines on acceptable development are available on our website and we advised the owner that this enclosure would be unlikely to be granted permission.

Источник: Daily Mail

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