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With a new record, Richie Cole pays tribute to Julian “Cannonball” Adderley

Jazz tribute albums can be a slippery slope. The main tenet of jazz music demands that the performer express their personal voice, not replicate someone else’s ideas. Some tributes get lost in their reverence, not taking the music to another level. Conversely, some others might take it somewhere completely removed from the source material, which also misses the point. Richie Cole, the nomadic alto saxophonist who settled in Pittsburgh five years ago, is not the type of player to pay polite homage to his heroes. Which explains why his salute to Julian “Cannonball” Adderley works so well. Cole, who turned 70 this year, has played a variety of settings from small group to big band, but he always maintains the straightforward bop style that players like Adderley crafted in the 1950s and ’60s.

Источник: Pittsburgh Current (blog)

A lot more to Ibiza than foam discos and cocktails

We assess what the temperature must be like out of doors: People walking in the sun are, some of them, wearing T-shirts but, often, lightweight jackets. It is near the end of October, after all. Soon, the weather, like everything else on this island, will be closing down. A peace will descend almost, but not quite, like the peace that prevailed here when I arrived as a kid in 1961 and found an island frozen in time for, subsequent to its Catalan population backing the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War, and Generalissimo Franco winning that war with the troops he brought with him from Morocco where he was militaryВgovernor of Spanish Sahara.

Franco declared it a terra abandonado, or cerrado, (abandoned or closed), with all its main economy of boatbuilding forbidden and its thriving trade as a Mediterranean вcrossroadsв prohibited. So, it is used to being closed down. Now, Ibiza is said to be the most expensive place in all Spain. And I am not surprised. The style in the streets in Ibiza town is what one would expect to see at Cannes Film festival. I am talking about Ibiza town itself which, from a dusty little port in the Franco days, has grown into a bustling upmarket city.

Источник: Irish Examiner

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