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Abstract As an ordinary television producers should focus on and discuss the ...

International application and not the creation of music. When the film has a complete thought, you should start thinking how to start music, what kind of musical elements start, start the music roughly what kind of visual language to express. Audio of the reasonable application processing through appropriate technology, and ultimately to get a good work.

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in the actual production, sound editing and processing tend to be overlooked, as if the appeal is always greater than the sound image. In fact, a good work, sound processing is also very fine. There is such a formula: a good bad movie + sound = a rotten section...

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As far as your lunch and all the other meals, you need to make sure that you eat them, first of all. There are probably a lot of times when you run out of the house in a hurry skipping breakfast, when you work through lunch or instead of having dinner you have a teleconference. That has to stop and you need to make sure you eat at least three meals a day. If you don’t have the time to eat at home before you leave, buy a low carb bread breakfast sandwich and eat it as soon as you get to the office; if you work through lunch hour, get a salad delivered and give yourself at least ten minutes to eat; and as for dinner, skipping it every once in awhile won’t hurt you, as long as you eat something light so you don’t have any midnight cravings leading to eating half the contents of the fridge...

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Guillermo del Toro Is Bringing His Pinocchio Passion Project To Netflix

Guillermo del Toro Is Bringing His Pinocchio Passion Project To Netflix

Its second offering, 3Below, is an adventure about two crash-landed royal teens being chased by bounty hunters, and will hit Netflix on December 21, 2018, while the climactic Wizards will come in 2019. Plus, Netflix is brewing the horror anthology

4-hour county-wide power outage starts after midnight Monday, Oct. 22

4-hour county-wide power outage starts after midnight Monday, Oct. 22

This outage will enable the BPA crew to rebuild the section of high-voltage line and the project will give OPALCO linemen the ability to open and close this mainland circuit to reroute power during some mainland outages. This work will give OPALCO more

"After Midnight: Fast Forward Art History," a panel with Molly Nesbit, Hilton Als, Yasmin Ramirez, and Ann Reynolds

(Inventory Press, 2017), it seems appropriate to convene a panel to ask the general question that haunts its pages: what are the uses to which art history can be put? Or more precisely, how does art history actually function outside academe? 

Clearly art history need not be confined to a single narrow register; its own genealogy is full of evidence to the contrary. Unlike art criticism it sets its own scenes for the discussion of art and artists and more. There are no limits or taboos. As a consequence, art history cannot be classed as a single species of knowledge. The same might also be said of curating, but unlike curating, art history can completely disregard the question of space since everything comes to bear elsewhere, as part of an epic or a story, as matter in time. Its galaxies and quicksand have been manifestly useful. But it might be better not to speak of art history generally and instead consider the actual work of art historians.

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Detroit to mandate Project Green Light crime-monitoring surveillance for late-night businesses

Plan would eventually mandate every retail business in Detroit with late-night hours to have surveillance cameras City will start with requiring camera systems for businesses open midnight-4 a.m. City will then move to businesses open after 10 p.m.

Mayor Mike Duggan's administration is moving forward with a plan to eventually mandate every retail business in Detroit with late-night hours have surveillance cameras tied into Project Green Light, the Detroit Police Department's real-time crime monitoring system credited with a decrease in carjackings and overall crime around participating businesses.

In an interview Wednesday with Crain's , Duggan said he will ask City Council later this year to mandate Project Green Light high-definition video systems for all retail businesses open after 10 p.m.

Источник: Crain's Detroit Business

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