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Dadakinder's Interview

A journalist, a concept artist and a public freedoms activist, Anatoli Ulyanov has been widely regarded as a significant event on the 2000s Ukrainian media scene. Over several years of his career, he has been an editor-in-chief of the edgy and provocative Proza website as well as the leading force behind the Sho magazine, well known for its unconventional views on Ukraine’s art, culture and society. Speaking in his own peculiar language about things most of us are too afraid to even think of, Ulyanov manifested a new wave in Ukraine’s journalism. However, despite being popular in the intellectual circles, Proza has been shut down after a report by the National Expert Commission for Public Morality that accused the site’s editor of distributing porn. Ulyanov rejects all accusations saying...

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Economics: Agents of change

Цікава стаття з "Економіста" Agents of change, про ті моделі (agent-based modelling), якими займається Вольф, ну і я починала займатися трохи, коли писала курсову роботу на магістра.У статті йдеться про застосування таких моделей в економіці і фінансове прогнозування, і що якщо б такі моделі використовувалися вже на практиці, то нещодавньої фінансової кризи можна б було якщо не уникнути взагалі, то принаймні передбачити його заздалегідь. Цікава стаття з...

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AFL delisted free agents: The bargains who should be considered by clubs

AFL delisted free agents: The bargains who should be considered by clubs

And with several left in limbo with no contracts after the closure of the exchange period, this is but another chance to secure an AFL lifeline. These are the players that could follow in the footsteps of Matthew Wright and Mitch Robinson and become

Sebi unveils new norms on fees paid to MF agents

Sebi unveils new norms on fees paid to MF agents

Since this process would require integration at the registrar and transfer agent-end (RTA) in the interim, upfronting of trail commission for total SIP inflows of Rs 5,000 per month per investor across all schemes of a mutual fund shall be allowed. In

You Can Now Check if You Interacted With Russian Agents on Facebook

Facebook is offering an olive branch for those left shaken by the recent revelations that the company was swarming with Russian operatives spreading anti-immigrant, pro-Trump commentary leading up to, and even after, the 2016 election. Now you can go to the social network’s help center, where Facebook is showing users whether they liked or followed a known Kremlin-backed account. While the tool isn’t complete—it only covers one known troll group and won’t tell you if you saw this content without liking or following it—it is users’ first real opportunity to date to reckon with how they personally may have interacted with the Russian disinformation campaign.

Источник: Slate Magazine (blog)

Home finale against Steelers will be last game at NRG Stadium for some Texans

With games remaining against the Steelers and Colts, O'Brien isn't interested in looking ahead to next season.

"Next year is so far off," he said. "Every year's completely different from the previous year. Doesn't matter what players are back, there'll be new players here next year. There's a draft. Obviously, there's free agency.

"Our only focus is on this Pittsburgh game. If we're not focused on Pittsburgh as an organization and as a team, then we've got a problem. We're not going to be in good shape Christmas Day because they're a great team.

"So, next year, that's not even something that's entered anybody's mind, especially mine."

Well, when an injury-depleted team is 4-10, has seven losses in eight games and is destined to get stomped in its last home game, this is a good time to look ahead for the rest of us.

Источник: Houston Chronicle

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