Весь саундтрек из фильма «Дэдпул 2» (2018). Послушайте песни Plugged In Ru


的组合,颠末很长期的公开流动,终于走到地上,给人留下最深入印象 就是主唱Bryan Holland的十分金属化的健壮放荡的唱腔,歌词有着对世事有情的摆弄和讽刺。

39. can’t get over you?groove coverage

25. Iris? Goo Goo Dolls响亮仓促的吉他solo,John Rzeznik饱含沧桑的低沉嗓音,对世事、恋情满腹的疑难,背面的暴发,“And I don’t want the world to see me, ‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am!” 这是有着无限韵味的规语, 人际关系经验(绝对有用) 。

16. the girl is mine?meachael jackson.贞洁的好像童话,干净的让人不敢呼吸…


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1, the basic characteristics of the universe :

: The various forms of material composition, in constant motion and development changes.

2, the classification of objects: nebulae, stars, planets, satellites, comets, meteorites, interstellar matter.

3, the causes of celestial system: a result of mutual attraction between bodies and moving around each other to form a celestial system.

4, celestial system level: the Earth-Moon system - the Solar System - Galaxy (extragalactic) - Total galaxy

5, day to an average distance of 149,600,000 km

6, the position of nine planets in the solar system: water, fire, gold (small), wood, earth, day sea offerings

7, nine planets classified by structural characteristics: the terrestrial planets (water payments to the fire), giant planets (wood, earth), aphelion...

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Supply chain concerned about new MacBook Air orders and new Apple terms

Despite Apple’s recent launch of an all-new MacBook Air, supply chain partners are conservative about order momentum for the new device and they do not expect to benefit significantly from Apple orders as the tech giant has retrieved materials procurement rights from them, according to industry sources […]

Supply chain partners are taking a wait-and-see attitude toward whether the higher-than-expected pricings for new MacBook Air will affect its sales performance […]

As Apple has decided to retrieve materials procurement rights from supply chain partners since mid-2018, the partners have seen their profit margins drop significantly as they can only earn contract production fees. Nevertheless, partners still have to rely on massive orders from Apple to bolster their capacity utilization rates.

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MiG Ayesa goes all out in Air Supply stage musical

Is not a story to cry over and savor with cathartic pleasure. There’s no tragedy and it shouldn’t haunt you. 

With rom-com Filipino fans growing by the day, it should be cute to say there’s just a man "lost in love" taking upon "chances" in "keeping the love alive."

The villain Kurt Swinghammer, played ably by Jamie Wilson, is hilarious to watch.

Tommy singing “Here I Am” is a surprise shining moment for the character Raymund as his daughter Stacie looms delightfully big in her small figure—the type audiences would rally for a third-wheel turn. 

In the end, MiG went down the stage purposely to thank spectators up close. It was his show anyway. Again, the very big bonus: Air Supply. 


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