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has chosen this southern region of his country to tell the story of a love triangle between Adnan, a rebel, his long-suffering girlfriend Lina and the beloved AK47 he calls Nancy. After the film's screening at London Film Festival, he came to the

В США врач отрастил женщине откушенную пумой фалангу пальца

В США врач отрастил женщине откушенную пумой фалангу пальца

Вашингтон, 20 октября 2018, 08:31 — REGNUM Врач из Калифорнии Акаш Бажаж с помощью применения экспериментального метода лечения запустил процесс регенерации тканей и отрастил 40-летней пациентке откушенную пумой фалангу пальца. Об удачном исходе эксперимента 

Akasha's Sh20 billion dirty money locked out of family's reach

From hitherto flashy cars to bank accounts with hefty amounts of money, the family of slain drug baron Ibrahim Akasha has little left to survive on from the Sh20 billion estate.

The family only remained with two property in Mombasa County to share among all children from the three wives after police seized a bigger share of the estate and jewelry worth millions of shillings disappeared.

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When Akasha was killed in the Netherlands, he had three wives and his property comprised Sh500 million in foreign and local bank accounts, six houses, six luxurious vehicles, 60kg of gold ingots and jewelry estimated at Sh58 million.

However, some property was seized by the police when two of his sons -- Baktash and Ibrahim – were

Источник: The Standard

Once notorious, powerful brothers who can no longer buy their ...

As Ibrahim Abdalla Akasha choked on his own blood, bleeding out on a wet, cold and lonely stretch of a road in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, his last thoughts probably wandered past the image of his wailing wife, face sputtered with blood, to perhaps that the empire he had built would outlast rivals and outrun every law enforcement agency.

When he breathed his last in that European city, his eldest son Kamaldin, brought up in the murky ways of the world of crime, stepped into his bloody shoes. His second name was enough to make him the head of one of Africa’s most feared crime families.

But Kamaldin had ambition. He saw what his father had achieved, and he wanted more. Money, fame, power and notoriety. He wanted a movie star’s life. And most importantly for him, his younger

Источник: The Standard

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